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Congratulations, You found one of the secret pages on my web site.  You probably noticed most of my site is in French, meaning English is not my first language. I therefore appologize in advance for any spelling mistakes I may have (most likely) done. I trully hope you don't mind, this was written at the last minute as I figured there would be a couple of questions people would be asking about the pictures. I mean... You're here about the pictures, right?

Thought so.  Let's begin!!!

Hey, I just took a (nice) picture of you. You probably have questions, I get them all the time, so here are some answers.

Who are you exactly?

My name is Patrick-Michel Dagenais. Nice to meet you!

Who do you work for?

Actually I’m a freelance photographer, but I do get my images picked up fairly regularly so I make sure to act and be as professional as possible, which is why you probably ended up signing something (you can find a blank copy here). I cover a good number of big conventions, such as various ComicCons and Dreamhack MTL.  From time to time my pictures will also get picked up by Cosplay Culture Magazine, and chances are these pictures will end up in their hands shortly after the event.  Then again, there are no guarantees in this business!

So, are you like, a full time photographer?

I used to be, but I found joy and happyness in the world of IT consulting.  I'm fortunate to have grown a nice side business of solid clients and my place doubles as a studio where I do studio photography.  Here are some of the people I tend to work with. Sorry, that page is in French, but most of the logos should be familiar to people.

Can you send the picture you took of me?

Sure! It’s the least I could do.  Please keep in mind that I may have a lot of pictures to provide to people, so it may take a bit of time. Usually people get them within a few days after asking.  If you ask for your picture, please give me as much information about yourself so that I can easily identify you. Bonus points if you can remember the approximate time when the picture was taken.  Also, I’m not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to Anime, so I may need some extra help with Cosplay of that type.

Can I look at the clauses in your image release document?

You can find a blank copy here.

Can you give me a brief description of what those clauses entail?

I strongly recommend you read the whole thing, however I can break it down to the spirit of the agreement.  By and large, it asks for your permission to use the pictures in publication (digital or physical). There is no compensation other than sending the image(s) taken of you at that time.  I take care of not allowing anyone to use the pictures in a way that would be deemed harmful (hate speech, etc).  Your credit / tag information is provided to whoever chooses to publish the pictures but the choices of using said information relies on the publication itself.  

Do you have a web site?

You are on it, but for the sake of convenience;

Where can I reach you?

So, where can we see the pictures once they are up?

A while ago I would have told you Facebook, but with everything that has been going on of late, I'm thinking about moving some alternate galleries to this site.  Honestly it's still a toss up between two options so I will advise everyone once I know.  I'll definitely be posting stuff on my Instagram page which can be found here. That being said, I actually get most of my views from published work. I expect a few of these to show up in Cosplay Culture Magazine.

You said they will most likely be published by Cosplay Culture Magazine….


Are my pictures going to get published?

The short answer is “Maybe”.  The long answer is: “It depends who would like to use the images, and ultimately they are the ones who will decide what they like and what fits their publication needs.”

If my picture gets “published”, will it be credited?

I take all credit information and provide them to publications which will show interest in the pictures, however the choice of adding this information to the images falls upon them. I really do try to get that kind of information out there, and after some recent experiences, this subject matter has become important to me as I have learned just how important it was to the Cosplaying community to get their name out there.  What I'm trying to say is that I can't guarantee your name or tags will appear under your pictures (as stated in the release I have people sign) but I WILL fight and do my best that it does happen, and the goal is to have a near zero amount of pictures sent out to interested parties without proper credit information.

When will the pictures be published by Cosplay Culture Magazine

At least a month out, maybe, and that is IF they get picked up.

Where can I find a copy if Cosplay Culture Magazine?

Most places that stock a good number of magazines should have it, but if you don’t want to risk it, here are some of the better known places where you can find some issues.
USA: Barnes & Nobles, Target, Walmart, Walgreens,
Canada: Indigo, Walmart, Loblaws.

Are you a geek?

Definitely. Old school at that.

Are you PC or Console?

PC, but I've owned a few consoles in my time and I probably will again one day.

What is your favorite type of gaming?

PC video games, closely followed by Board Games. Look me up on Steam as Frugus.

What is your favorite board game?

Terraforming Mars has piqued my interest, however that first game of Scythe I had was not bad at all. I have a ton of games still wrapped in the original plastic, which makes me a bad person.